Derbyshire Community Oil Buying Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing the service

All you need to do is register on the website by entering your name, address, phone number(s), email address, comments about your tank/property location or access requirements and create a password.

If you forget your password at any time, just click on the button below the login boxes to reset your password and a temporary password will be emailed to you. You will then need to go into ‘Edit Your Account’ and then ‘Reset’.

Please keep a note of this in a safe place. If you use more than one email address, make sure you use the email address that you put in when you first registered with the website.

Currently about 20% of members do not have access to the internet for one reason or another. If you are not able to use the web based system yourself please liaise with the Project Officer, Emma Simpson on 01629 592970 who will be only too pleased to accept orders and answer any queries.

Ordering oil

Once you have an account you can log in at any time to order oil. Simply select the product you require and add any notes that may be relevant to that order ie. if you are going to be away, you are getting low on oil and would like it delivered sooner rather than later etc.

Oil order deadlines are every two weeks (only once a month during the quieter months of June, July and August and again in December). You can go onto the website and place your order at any point before 7am on the order deadline date.

The system will ‘close’ at 7am on the deadline day. If you miss the deadline and cannot wait until the next one, email BEFORE 7am on a Friday with an order you will receive the oil within a week.


We will contact you by email in the afternoon of the order deadline day to let you know the price for the oil. Payment by debit or credit card will be processed on the following day. Direct Debit payments are taken 6 days later. If you are not happy with the price, let us know before the payment is processed and we can cancel your order. Call Emma Simpson on 01629 592970 or Olive on 01629 706456.

Payment by members online is by variable Direct Debit or using a credit/debit card through the secure olive/RAD website. All major debit and credit cards are accepted. There is no charge for card use.

You will be asked to enter your bank or card details during the registration process which will be stored securely with PaymentSense, a leading UK online payment provider.

Payment will be made using credit or debit cards 24 hours after we have confirmed the negotiated oil price to you and emailed you with an invoice. Direct Debit payments are made 6 days later.

It is hard to say how much money the scheme will save you as it is impossible to know how much you would have paid it you had ordered oil directly from a local supplier. As an example, on Friday 17th February 2017 we carried out an oil price comparison exercise. We obtained quotes for 500 litres of oil to be delivered to a variety of postcodes around the county and the price varied by over 5ppl, equivalent to over £25 per 500 litres of oil.

Everyone on our scheme in Derbyshire will pay the same price per litre and we will always aim to get the best price we possibly can. We will not entice you in with a low price and then inflate our prices for profit at a later date.

Before we can negotiate with the oil suppliers, we need to know what the total number of litres we are ordering and how many delivery drops that is made up of. The suppliers cannot give us a price until they know what they are quoting for. You can be assured that the price we achieve will be competitive and excellent value. You are not tied in to the scheme in any way and are free to go elsewhere for your oil.

You can cancel your order at any time. Simply log on to your account, go the orders page and then when you scroll down to your current order just click on the green cancel button next to the order on the right hand side. You can cancel this way at any time up to the time the order window closes.

If you wish to cancel your order after the window has closed, but before payment has been made, call Emma Simpson on 01629 592970 or email If you have not had confirmation that your order has been cancelled, please contact olive by email or leave a message on 01629 706456.

Through our scheme you can order standard heating oil (Kerosene 28), a premium product for oil fired boilers and also one for range cookers (ie. Aga, Rayburn) as well as Gasoil 35 and Red Diesel.

Although we are a charity, we rely on paid staff to carry out our work. We do use the services of volunteers in some areas of our work, but in general we have staff and office costs to pay. Our staff are professional, efficient, reliable and hard-working and to keep them happy we have to pay them!

We are non-profit making and find it increasingly difficult to source funds to enable to us to carry out our work. So, we have to make the oil buying scheme pay for itself.

We add a small levy to each oil order. The price you are given for your oil includes this charge, so the price you are given is the price you pay. We DO NOT add in any other costs or charges. However, the premium oil products/additives carry an additional charge of 2p per litre. If a supplier is unable to deliver to your property at their first attempt, they may pass on an additional delivery charge for a second delivery visit if they have had to return with a smaller delivery vehicle or if they have been unable to access your property due to locked gates, blocked access etc.

Once the price negotiation has taken place you will receive an email to advise you of the price, the amount you owe and when payment will be made. Once payment has been made, you will receive information on the supplier and their contact information will also be provided should you have any queries and need to contact the supplier direct.

The suppliers have 10 working days from the date payment is made to deliver the oil to everyone (two weeks basically). Unless you have requested to be advised of delivery, the supplier will just turn up and deliver at some point within that time.

If you need to be present, or you want about 24 hours notice of delivery, you MUST indicate this, either when you register or when you place an order. If a supplier is unable to deliver your oil due to locked gates, locked tank or loose dogs then you may have to pay a delivery charge for them to come out to your property again.

The suppliers have 10 working days from the date payment is made to deliver the oil to everyone (two weeks basically). Unless you have requested to be advised of delivery, the supplier will just turn up and deliver at some point within that time.

Possibly. There are no standard tanker sizes between suppliers, but there are roughly three sizes – a standard sized 6-wheel tanker (approx.10ft x 29ft), a medium or 4-wheel tanker (approx. 9ft x 24ft) and a ‘baby tanker’ (approx. 8ft x17ft). If you have limited access issues and require a ‘baby tanker’ then we cannot guarantee to be able to supply you with fuel and it may not benefit you to join the scheme. This is because we buy from whichever supplier offers the best negotiated price and if the winning supplier has not got a ‘baby tanker’ then your order can’t be placed as part of the group order and corresponding price savings.

You must be realistic about your access as some oil companies we negotiate with only have 6-wheel standard size tankers, although these are usually rear-wheel steer which makes them as manoeuvrable as 4-wheel tankers. If an oil supplier has baby tankers as part of its fleet and they deem it necessary to deliver to your address using this vehicle, these deliveries will always incur an additional charge. If in doubt about access to your property and/or oil tank it is best to contact the supplier direct to clarify delivery options.

Please note that once the monthly order has been placed, if on attempting delivery the supplier is unable to gain access to your fuel tank due to the tanker size, H&S requirements or general access issues, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your money. We will also mark your account as having limited access and reserve the right to cancel or charge a premium for future orders that need to be made from a smaller tanker, due to the increased costs charged by the supplier.

Your order will be taken by eSmartMetrics Limited (trading as olive), who will be acting on RAD’s behalf and placing the group order with the winning oil supplier. You will be ordering oil and making payment through the olive system. RAD will still be responsible for the administration of the oil buying scheme so you can contact the Project Officer by email at or telephone on 01629 592970.

olive has an oil Smart Meter sensor which will help users manage and understand their oil usage. It will indicate how many litres of oil are in the tank at any time as well as provide information on your oil usage. A number of RAD members have helped in the pilot of this new technology and it is now available to all other members who are interested. A discount is often available to members of the oil buying scheme so if you are interested, please contact Emma Simpson. Please be aware that an internet service is required for the meter to operate.

By paying through our website for your oil we can pay the oil company one payment for all of the oil orders. This means they can optimise their route planning and they don’t have to spend time taking payments from every member.

Members can safely enter bank or payment card details via the website and secure PCI DSS-compliant Payment Provider, which encrypts all submitted information.

To ensure the highest possible level of online payment security, all payments are secured with:

  • Security Code (CV2) Checks
  • IP Address Checking
  • PCI Compliant Servers

With our online Payment Provider you’re using one of the most secure online payment services currently available. They process millions of card transactions every year and guarantee 100% payment protection for online businesses and their customers.

All payment card details are held on the secure Payment Provider’s systems and any stored card details. Olive/RAD do not and cannot store card details on the site.

If you choose to pay by variable direct debit you are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. click here for further information.

Some members are not able to make direct debit or debit/credit card payments online. In some circumstances therefore, RAD can offer the facility to pay by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to eSmartMetrics Limited and sent to RAD after the oil price has been confirmed. On receipt the cheque will be banked and the oil will be delivered after payment has cleared. This method will not be as quick as paying by card through the website and your oil may not be delivered within the delivery window advertised, depending on how quickly your cheque is received and payment is cleared.

You should register the address you want the oil delivered to - this does not have to be your home address. You can also add multiple properties to a single account. To do this, please email for details.

Anyone that uses oil can join the Community Oil Buying Scheme in Derbyshire. Community Buildings (village halls, schools, churches, sports clubs and scout huts included) can order their oil, but you need to be clear about the type of heating oil you require (28 second burn – Kerosene or or 35 second burn - Gasoil) and be able to pay by debit/credit card or Direct Debit on the internet (please contact us if you have any queries with this). Businesses can also join, but please be aware that commercial VAT rates (at 20%) may be applied. Any order of 2300 litres or more will be classed as commercial and charged at 20% VAT. Orders less than 2300 litres will be charged the domestic VAT rate of 5%.

All the suppliers that we negotiate with deliver across all of Derbyshire, even though some of them may send their delivery vehicles in from outside the county. If you feel strongly about only using local companies, then you may wish to contact your chosen supplier directly. We choose to use businesses in the region that can provide a good service at the best price.

We have asked all the oil suppliers we use for their Environmental Policy so we can be assured that they are doing their bit to keep carbon emissions as low as possible. By receiving such a large order at one time, the oil companies can plan their delivery routes to be as efficient as possible, saving fuel and therefore reducing emissions. If you would like to see a copy of any of the policies, please contact us.

Have you got any other questions? - If yes, please telephone 01629 592970 or email